Inception of the Internet of
Things (CISCO)

The IoT business
grows 45% year over year

$7.1 Trillion Market

Subscription Billing for Products-as-a-Service

Powerful solutions for managing Connectivity and Software as a Service

Order processing and back office solutions
including a branded self-care portal

  AT&T IoT   Kore Telematics

  • Connect

  • Monetize

  • Manage

Subscription and Usage Billing

Maximize your revenue potential with pricing flexibility.

Charge customers a monthly or annual recurring fee. Charge by device, for data usage, for features and entitlements, or machine generated events. Manage taxation, promotional campaigns, ETFs, equipment or event based fees.

Disrupt markets with innovate and creative pricing.

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Customer & Device Management

Centralized view of customer information including subscriptions, pricing, payment method and transactional history. Actively manage data and rules for customers (retail or business), partners (resellers or wholesalers), and connected devices. Automate customer email notifications based on rule based triggers.

Customer self-care allows end users to add or suspend a device, change account information and self-manage their account online via a secure and branded portal.

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Connectivity Management

Automating network provisioning based on operational, subscriber or billing related events. Ensuring a seamless real-time interoperability with your network carriers, applications, partners and downstream systems.

RevX eliminates the cost, time and any latency associated with manually setting up a customer or adding a device on multiple network and back office systems. We streamline the process of activations, plan changes and terminations.

Our solutions are integrated with Verizon, AT&T, KORE Wireless and over 30 global wireless carriers.

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The RevX Advantage

Things are increasingly “connected” by way of cellular communication and with Cat M this will only accelerate. As companies connect products and applications with cellular network services they require a vendor with expertise in multiple domains.

To launch or scale a connected product and services business, your Billing and Operating Support System needs to manage multiple platforms and provide the necessary flexibility to support any pricing or billing model.

  • Create new and innovative pricing models
  • Synchronize systems ensures accurate billing
  • Streamline workflows associated with delivering services
  • Comprehensive solution for developing an agile back office


RevX is committed to ensuring your business objectives are properly aligned and that you have the visibility and data necessary to manage your day to day operation.

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Client Service

RevX is committed to the excellence in its software and services. We’re there every step of the way to ensure your strategic initiatives are being addressed by our solutions.

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Managed Service

Our turnkey, managed cloud service is highly affordable for most any budget with nominal set up and monthly fees.

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